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About Daniel Grey, Owner of Grey Wolf Ranch
The owner of Grey Wolf Ranch, Daniel Grey originates from the inner-city of Chicago.  He is self-taught, and brings his knowledge and passion of horses together with 35 years of corporate management
and training experience.  
Using this knowledge, Daniel has created a true professional and personal life enhancing experience with horses. Daniel's intuitive abilities deepen the learning experience in a way that can be life changing.  Daniel's profound understanding of horses and human nature, will make your visit to Grey WolfRanch one that you will never forget.  His background in corporate management make him an excellent teacher of team building and corporate management issues, as well as individual empowerment.  He invites you to discover this unique opportunity for yourself.  Daniel promises to deliver an equine ranch experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.  His thorough equine education, instruction and attention to detail and safety, equips each rider with a feeling of confidence and comfort.  Learning to Ride and Riding to Learn with Daniel is truly a life changing experience.  To learn more about Grey Wolf Ranch go to www.greywolfranchcolorado.com. 
You can email Daniel at Daniel@ridetolearn.com. 
The relationship between horse and rider offers many opportunities for us to learn. Like humans, horses are unique and individual and we share many common interactive social traits. Therefore, the concept of utilizing horses to help us better understand ourselves and the world we live in is quite natural.  In essence, horses are our teachers.  Our horse methodology addresses a variety of issues encountered in our daily personal and professional lives.  Here are a few of the issues that can be addressed using horses: Leadership, Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation, Confidence, Balance, Awareness, Presence, Accountability, Self-Responsibility, Vulnerability, Compassion, Delegation and Follow-up Skills, Negotiation Skills, and Being Results Oriented Not Excuse Oriented.